Child Custody and Support

Custody issues are generally addressed in Superior Court, but in some situations, such as abandonment, abuse or death of a parent, they may be initiated in Probate or Juvenile Court.   Carol Powell is an experienced lawyer who has helped parents and other relatives resolve difficult custody matters in a wide variety of circumstances and in all courts which address children’s issues. 

Child custody cases frequently involve working with a guardian ad litem, child psychologist or parent coordinator. The custody attorney’s sensitivity to the needs of the child, concerns of the parents and input from the child’s advocate is essential to promoting the best interest of the child.


Although child support has in some ways become less flexible due to imposition of new guidelines and worksheets, the recognition of variables within families makes establishing support and the ability to pay it require creative assistance from an attorney.  Carol Powell works with each client and his or her situation involving custody or support to create plans that recognize the needs of the child and the lifestyles and circumstances of the parents.