Divorce is one of the most difficult situations a person will experience.  Whether initiating or responding to a divorce, the man or woman needs firm and compassionate guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer to navigate the legal requirements, manage the emotional stress and reach a favorable result.

Carol Powell has represented men and women from a wide range of backgrounds and factual circumstances.  When needed, she works with accountants, financial planners or business evaluators to assist with monetary issues. Counselors and child advocates may be consulted as needed.

As the court is generally actively involved in the divorce at some point in the case, preparation for a trial must be considered from the beginning.  While Ms. Powell’s emphasis will be on resolving all or most issues between the parties through formal mediation or informal interaction between the two sides, all necessary steps will be undertaken to obtain the outcome desired by the client.


Men or women going through divorce need a strong advocate who will also understand and respond to their emotional concerns. Carol Powell has more than 25 years’ experience as a divorce attorney assisting clients through the difficult passage of getting divorced with a high success rate in achieving the client’s desired result.