Probate Law

Guardianship and Conservatorship (Adult and Minor):

Carol Powell has represented clients seeking guardianship (of the person) and conservatorship (of the person’s assets) of adults in many circumstances, from incapacitated young people to elderly people incapacitated by age-related dementia or serious physical ailments. Awareness of the relationship and concerns of whole families is often required by the lawyer, as is sensitivity to the needs and feelings of the proposed ward throughout the process. Utilizing the services of financial professionals and working with medical providers and court-appointed advocates for the ward is often an important part of the entire process.

Carol Powell has represented many clients seeking to assist an elderly relative or friend through all the stages of the probate court process and, thereafter, to assure continuing compliance with probate court requirements. Whether the case is amicable or contested, her experience and awareness of individual needs will be beneficial to all involved.  

Estate Administrations

When a person dies in Georgia without a will but owning some property, a relative, close friend or other representative will need to be appointed administrator of the estate.  As in other family-related issues, the appointment may be acceptable to all heirs or it may be challenged.  In either situation, a knowledgeable attorney is generally needed to raise all issues, help to secure all assets and insure their distribution by law.

Other Probate Issues:

Carol Powell has experience working with other probate issues, including the probate of wills and representation of one or more parties in challenges to an existing contested will.